Thursday, February 27, 2014

Name that Yarn!

 Mid March we will be introducing a new sock yarn base.  

The gauge and feel of the yarn is very similar to our popular Celeste yarn.  
But, this new yarn is a blend 75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon.  

The nylon adds to the durability of the yarn making it perfect for hard wearing socks!

 I need your help naming this new yarn base. 

Make your suggestions as a comment to this post or on our Facebook page
If I choose your suggestion, you will win a skein of this new yarn

Most of my base yarn names are one word and 
relate in some way to space (star names, comets, etc.). 
This is not a hard fast rule, but would be nice in keeping with the theme. 

The contest will end Friday, March 7th at midnight (MST). 
And, a winner will be selected the following day. 

Best of luck everyone!!!


  1. I like the name Delphinus which translates into Dolphin and those colors kind of remind me of dolphins and the sea.

  2. My suggestions are Cygnus (Swan - because they are so lovely to look at) or Fornax (Furnace - because it sounds like the perfect yarn to keep little toes warm and cozy).

  3. Replies
    1. I like the spelling with a K as well. There is a Kalliope asteroid. :)

  4. How about Titan? Saturn's largest moon? Good luck with the new base!

    1. already have that one....sorry. Thought that sounded familiar & a good name!

      So my second go would be "Hubble", (The Way We Were :-) or "Galileo"

  5. Oh my, it's so lovely! Maybe Terrestrial or Urania (which means "Heavenly")

  6. How about Alcor? It's a binary star, and this is a binary yarn.