Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Collaboration

A while back, on a whim, I sent a little message on Ravelry to pattern designer, Amy Miller.  I had long admired Amy's work and felt that we had a very similar aesthetic.  My business was just starting out. And, I figured that getting my yarn into the hands of pattern designers would be great exposure.  I thought that they might knit something up and share it with their Ravelry "friends".  Maybe a few people would "like" the project.  And, a couple people might even go to the trouble of checking out my shop.

I didn't hear from Amy for several months.  Honestly, I kinda forgot I had even sent her the yarn. However, a little over a week ago, I received a message from her with photos of a gorgeous little shawl she had created with the yarn.  To my surprise, she had designed a pattern, specifically for that yarn.  I was blown away!  Then, she suggested that we consider combining the pattern and the yarn for an all-in-one project kit.  I loved the idea and immediately got to work putting it all together.  I am so happy to introduce the White Dwarf Shawl kit.   This quick little pattern calls for just one skein of Orion sport weight yarn and comes complete with a high quality PDF pattern download.  Thanks, Amy, for your great idea and fantastic pattern!!! 

If the name sounds familiar, it might be because Amy just published this adorable sweater in the latest issue of Interweave Knits.  The Feathernest Pullover is going right to the top of my Ravelry queue!