Monday, September 23, 2013

The Way from Brighton

I am still plugging away at my mom's Trail Jacket.  Although, I am just about finished with the body portion of the cardigan, I am getting the itch to start another project.  This always seems to happen  when I am about three quarters of the way through a project.  I've heard this condition referred to as startitis (which cracks me up every time I hear it).  I think I suffer from a irreversible case of startitis.  Why is it so much more fun to start a new project than finish one in progress???

Someone who never seems to struggle with this affliction is Jessica (Twinfiber on Ravelry).  She is a knitting machine - cranking out one impressive project after another in record time.  I'm convinced she must knit in her sleep!  She recently finished knitting The Way from Brighton - a gorgeous shawl by talented pattern designer, Joji Locatelli using two skeins of Luna Grey's Zeta yarn in the dusty purple, Enchanted colorway.  I love this shawl!  Jessica said that the fringe bobbles were a little tedious to knit, but the result is so unique and fun, don't you think?    

 All photos by Jessica (Twinfiber)

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