Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sprial Blanket of Awesome

I finished the Spiral Blanket of Awesome.  

I must say, I really love it!  

The yarn is really soft and the colors work so well together. 

My Ravelry notes are rather extensive.  
(I used lots of little tricks/tips on this blanket that I think would be helpful to others.)     

Sorry for the not so great photos.  
Why is it that whenever I have the time/patience/child cooperation, 
the lighting is never quite right?  


  1. Oh it's even better than I imagined!!!*love*I know what you mean about lighting and cooperation... still no pics of Ciara in her yummy Luna Grey sweater b/c of lighting issues :(

  2. This is so beautiful! I'm going file this away for "future babies" for sure! I'm loving my yarn order, I'm logging major ravelry hours planning. ;)

  3. Awesome is correct...It is just stunning! I would love to knit one myself and will have to take a peek at your notes.

  4. Beautiful! Love the accent of bright color!

  5. This is gorgeous! Seeing the colors together like that makes me want to decorate ASAP... I think a trip to the paint store is in your brother's immediate future.