Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Name

Hello Knitters (and crocheters, of course)!

Luna Grey Fiber Arts is growing up....A blog of our own!  How very cool.  Lets start by telling the story of the company name....

"Luna" is the name of our beloved retired racing greyhound.  We adopted her two years ago through Colorado Greyhound Adoption.  Her official racing name was LC's She's a Gypsy.  That was a little long winded, so we decided instead to call her "Luna".  Luna is the sweetest, most affectionate, loyal, gentle dog.  She loves to keep me company in my dye studio.  Therefore, I thought it fitting that her name work its way into my shop name.  "Grey", of course, comes from greyhound (thus the "e" rather than an "a" in grey).  I liked the way it sounded and it just stuck.

Now you know : )


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